So I've been getting plus en plus into comic books... And also manga, but moreso comic books and comicbookculture [sic]. And I've been inspired to start drawing again, but leaning more toward comic book art and less in the direction of artsy-fartsy art. Not that there's anything wrong with it.

I attribute this new focus to a couple of really well-developed websites. First is Polykarbon, from which I learned how to color lineart manga-style; and Burn, a very well-designed Flash site which gave me some great ideas of how I'm going to develop the comic I'm going to develop... 'Nuff said.

Hang on, I have to use the facilities.

Back. Allright, it's time I better start studying for my midterm exams. I need to do well in French and History if I wanna bring up the lousy grades I've been getting on account of the lousy teachers I have. I'm gonna go shower and then study... Maybe take my car out for a wash afterward and then go to the bank and browse around Bedrock Comics. There's an Incredible Hulk shirt there I've been meaning to buy, plus I just wanna look around the store for a little while, too.

Oh... Happy New Year.


Quote of the Day:

Asia. The island of Madripoor. A jewel of the pacific. Also one of its cesspools. Madripoor's one of the great melting pots of the world, a place for the very rich and the very poor. A place for scum... For folks like me. In Madripoor, people only know as much about me as I care to tell them. Certainly not the truth. Not that I was once a Canadian citizen named Logan, a one-time heroic adventurer, long since presumed dead. Not that I have the senses-- and the nature-- of an animal. Not that my body can heal virtually any wound or illness. In Madripoor, I'm known as "Patch"...

-from Wolverine #26 (Jo Duffy- writer, Klaus Janson- penciler, Tom Palmer- inker, Glynis Oliver- colorist, Jim Novak- letterer, Bob Harras- editor, Tom DeFalco- editor in chief)

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