Well, here's another update to keep you busy until next time. Since my last entry, I got a concussion. Two days ago at wrestling practice, we were doing some live wrestling and I got taken down and I blacked out. I think I was only out for a second or two. No longer than three. I'm sure quite sure of the details because my short-term memory went down the drain for the next few hours and it's still not back to normal. I just remember being walked to the trainer's office, sitting there for half an hour (I think) while I stared off into space, then going back to practice and watching them finish up. My mom picked me up from practice and drove me home, then to the hospital where I sat around in the usual demeaning hospital garb, waiting for my CAT scan. I've been out of school for two days now. It's Friday.

When you get a concussion, it's like wading through water. I'm usually pretty quick with words and I almost never have trouble articulating. After I got the concussion and until I left the hospital, it was one of the most frustrating things I've ever gone through. Everything I wanted to say I couldn't put into words. Which might be something some people go through every day, but for me it was terrible. I also have this awful headache which keeps moving around my head and is especially bad when I read or concentrate too hard on something for too long a time. As you can see, my vocabulary is not quite up to speed right now. Anyways, I just thought I'd like to fill you all in on what's happened since last time.

Quote of the day: "The brain? But that's my second- favorite organ!" -Woody Allen, in Sleeper

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