I'm pretty sleepy right now, and I'm not sure how long this entry is going to be. I have a headache which is coming and going and moving around. I'm still having post- concussion symptoms, and the headache has been giving me some weird mood swings lately. Sometimes, I just want to go to sleep and be left alone; I'm usually easily agitated when I get like this, but sometimes I get kind of depressed, or very happy. It really varies on my environment. Other times, I become very creative, sometimes to the point where I start acting like a little kid and more less turn anything within my reach into a toy. Take French class today, for example.

Ali was playing around with some Silly Puddy she brought to school today, and I decided since we were doing the equivalent of "Show n' Tell" in class today, I was going to need something to do, other than my usual pen- spinning habit (I've become pretty adept at it, actually), so I asked her if I could borrow a piece, just so I could have something to fidget with. Anyways, my idea spread across the row so that Jeff B. and Barak also had some to play with. I rolled mine into a ball and did that old "sneeze and throw" routine, but I didn't catch the ball in time and it rolled out of my reach. I asked Amanda if she could toss it back to me, but she kept it for herself, so I had to ask Ali for some more. I think I'm going to buy myself some Silly Puddy to fidget with during French class from now on.

I love French class. We just started doing this thing called "Thème d'Actualité," which is basically "Show n' Tell" in French. I was going to bring in some pictures from my trip to Israel, but I forgot, so I spent most of the day, in particular gym and lunch, trying to find something worthwhile to talk about. I ended up not going today at all, because we only had enough time to do Barak (he brought in a "Halacha" cd from Israel), Jeff Wu (an "X-Men" comic book), Jeff Coughlin (the entire World Cup tournament on video, we actually spent most of the class watching one of the videos. M. Tobar is apparently a fan of soccer. You wouldn't know it from looking at him, he could pass as John Lovitz), and Danielle (an article about homeless people). I, of course, spent the entire period playing with a piece of Silly Puddy. Oh, and you can expect to see some of my Israel pictures up soon. I've just got to free up some memory so I can finish loading them up.

Quote of the day: "What do you call it, a skycrapper?" -M. Tobar, on the english word for 'skyscraper.'

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