I'm listening to a lot of New York music these days. Kurt Rosenwinkel, Chris Potter, Kris Bauman, Jakob Dinesen, Seamus Blake, Ben Monder, Mark Turner, Adam Kolker. Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Whatever that means.

More Kristen drama. She led me on without meaning to. Doesn't mean I'm not pissed at her for the first time. I don't want to talk about it.

I'm reading graphic novels again. I just discovered Adrian Tomine. I went to the library to reread David Boring and I saw Summer Blonde. I liked it a lot. I'll reread it when I'm done with David Boring.

I had an idea for a graphic novel but I don't know if it'll ever come into fruition; I doubt I could pull it off, anyway. It's very creepy, and if I do end up doing it, I'm only going to do another, creepier/more perverse story after it. It's about a lonely man who meets a twelve year-old girl online and has sex with her; someone will die at the end, I think. Ellie said it's a very relevant story and that I should do it.

Quote of the Day:
I had my back turned
You didn't realize
I'm lonely

You lack the things
To which I relate
But I see no harm

Come wait, come wait, come wait
It's over.

-Interpol, "Say Hello to the Angels" (from Turn on the Bright Lights, 2002)

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