Well, vacation's just around the corner, so you can be expecting some more in- depth journal entries (as opposed to the daily accounts of recent). Today's Monday, and Friday is the last day of school before February vacation, so naturally I've got a test in almost every subject: tomorrow's a Modern European History test and a French exam (I'm not sure if M. Tobar meant a quiz or a test), the next day is a Geometry test, and Friday is a Chemistry test which was supposed to be Thursday. I'm also making up the Chemistry lab practical tomorrow and the History Mid- Term on Thursday. I've got to go set the table for dinner, so if I can get my homework done early, I'll finish this entry. If not, you can wait until next time.

Ok, I'm finishing up the entry. I finished an essay for my history test, and I'm calling it quits for the time being, until whenever my dad finished correcting the paper. I've really got nothing to write, and since I don't feel like rambling right now, I'm finishing this entry.

Quote of the day: *blank stare* -Ms. Lee

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