Four years ago, today.

Two years ago, today.

Just watched another episode of Everwood. Really got depression down better than any other TV show or movie I've ever seen. Damn.

Bob told me a funny story yesterday. Some girl was chasing a friend of his who went to Rutgers. She really wanted a piece of this guy but he wasn't really interested. Finally, it came down to where she had two tickets to Joe Henderson in New York so Bob's friend kind of had to take her up on it. He said she talked the entire show. For whatever reason, he was too tired to drive back home so he stayed at her place; he slept on the couch 'cause he didn't want the sack. It took him forever to fall asleep 'cause she kept yap yap yapping away from the other room. Eventually he fell asleep, but he woke up later and there she was, standing over him with her fist in her mouth. She had her entire fist in her mouth. Something about that turned him on. Maybe he thought that could be his dick in her mouth. Maybe he thought she could fit her fist in some of the other holes in her body. Whatever the case may have been, that turned him on. They ended up giving each other massages. He went first-- lied down on the floor, she straddled him, gave him his massage for whatever, like ten or fifteen minutes.

"Okay, now it's my turn."

So she lies down, he gets on top of her, starts massaging her back. He starts to smell something, like shit, but he gives her the benefit of the doubt.

"Maybe she farted or something, whatever."

She rolls down the top of her panties so he can massage her tailbone or something, at which point he notices she's carrying a full load. The girl had shit herself. Bob's friend didn't stick around too much longer after that.

Quote of the Day: I love that story.

-Charlie Apicella, on Bob's story about the bag lady who took a piss right in front of him in some parking lot