Yesterday I drove down with George and Chris to play at the wedding of a good family friend of George's. I picked up George at 6am or so. He was very hung over from the previous night's festivities, and blew chunks twice on the ride down to Norwood. Chris and I were both going on one or two hours' sleep. At George's we practiced Pachelbel's Canon in D, which we were supposed to play for the processional. I should mention that this was not only my first time at a non-Jewish wedding, but it was my first time being in a church for something other than a piano recital.

We expected to play 357 choruses of Taco Bell's Canon in D, but as it turns out the reverend wants to play a different song for every person who walks in. Good thing I brought my Real Book with me. We had some trouble coming up with material we all knew how play. Good thing George has perfect pitch.

Thinking we were going to go back to George's on the way back, I left all my stuff there. I ended up making our party a half hour late to the reception. No biggie. We also got lost on the way back to UMass. So three guys, one hungover and the other two operating on two hours' sleep, ended up driving five hours, cumulatively.

I slept fifteen hours last night. I'm gonna go watch some cartoons.

Quote of the Day: Dear Journal, Me again. Doug Funnie. Well, you won't believe what happened to me since yesterday! I'm a year older today -- 12! And suddenly all my friends seemed ... I don't know ... different. I almost didn't have my birthday party, 'cause weird surprises kept happening -- with the most humongous surprise coming from Mom and Dad! Then I started a new middle school that didn't even have a name yet! When Patti Mayonnaise and I submitted our ideas to the Name Your School Contest, it almost ended our friendship ('cause hers wasn't nearly as cool as mine). Just wait till you hear what they finally named the school! Now that I think about it, it's all so funny, you can't help but laugh! Man, for an ordinary 12-year-old kid, I guess I lead a pretty exciting life, huh? Bye for now, Doug.

-Doug Funnie

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