I landed myself a job today at Filene's. I don't really want to work there, but I've already got a few applications floating around at other some other stores, most importantly Barnes and Noble. I went to Borders but they didn't have any job applications. The woman said they'd be coming in and they'd call me on Monday. I hope I can get a job there, even they're paying me less than at Filene's. I don't really like being in department stores. I do, however, love being in book stores.

My mom found twenty dollars of mine. I think it was birthday money that we must have forgotten about. But I'm happy to take what I can get. Let's see how long it'll take for me to spend it.

In a month or two I'm going to start looking at cars. My dad's got a client who runs a car lot, so maybe I'll get something cheap but good that's not a Buick.

Quote of the day: "A man can stand almost anything except a succession of ordinary days." -Goethe

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