So I finally got my computer online. It had been in my room, which isn't wired, and now it's downstairs. I love being online, but I miss the privacy of my own room.

I finally sold my car today for five hundred dollars. I'm going to buy a Gamecube, I think. I'm looking forward to not having a rusty Chevy sitting in my driveway. I'm driving a '93 Maxima, my brother's driving a '94 Maxima, and my dad's driving a '02 Maxima. Our driveway is like a Maxima lovefest.

I just got a job at Blockbuster. I have to go in tomorrow to fill out some paperwork. I'm looking forward to renting movies and Nintendo games for free.

I signed up tis website for some website competition or something, to try and get some more hits (most of the hits are me checking to see if I have any hits). I forgot about the competition, and then I went home for the summer and haven't been online since late May. Heh. A bunch of people signed the guestbook from that competition. I don't think I even bookmarked the web site.

I was up last night until 4am, doing absolutely nothing but enjoying being online again. Oh, I found out that somebody filed a lawsuit against Audiogalaxy. Fuckers. Audiogalaxy was my life. Not really, but I sure do miss it. I'm going to have to find a replacement now. If anyone has any ideas, drop me a line. Please.

Quote of the Day: Nintendo GAMECUBE is built to run the best games in the world. Cutting edge technology in a developer friendly package... because it's about the games.

-from the Nintendo website

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