For a Last Day of School, today was pretty fun. I went to school and basically walked around and said goodbye to my teachers and wished them good summers. After that, I went to Benfest. What a day.

When I got to school, the first thing I did was sit on the floor and read Woody Allen. Then I completely avoided chemistry (period 1), instead following Patrick down to Mr. Sicotte's room. Mr. Sicotte will remember me forever as "Mumbles," because of my part in the Sophomore Class play, Jumping Frenchmen of Maine. After that, Patrick and followed Christie over to her English room, where we stayed for a little while. Then we split up and I went over to Ms. Dainoff's room (period 2 Modern Euro history) to say hello. It turned out that it was still period one, even though I thought it was period two. Then I waltzed over by the chemistry room with Jin-Ho so he could get his bag, after which we went back to E-hall where he stopped by to talk with his history teacher. I stayed for a few minutes, then went back over to Ms. Dainoff's room and watched part of Spaceballs while I traded trivia and talked about Paul Simon with Ms. Dainoff. After that, I got Jin-Ho and we went down to the band room for period three (Perrone actually bothered to show up), where I hung around for a little while before leaving with Jin-Ho to go wander around. I ended up in Mr. Coleman's room (period 3 geometry). I tried to leave with Dan Bates, but Mr. Coleman wouldn't let us, the only teacher to do so. After the announcement was made to end the period, Dan and I walked over to Mr. Sosny's room (period 5 English), then over to Dan's French class. After that, we wandered around a bit, ran into Jeff Brown, then found ourselves over by my French room, where we ran into Jeff B, Mike Wong, Jeff Wu, and Suhabe. We hung around for a while there, then Jeff B. and I left to go find Jonesy.

This ends the story of my last day at school. Please continue to read about BenFest.

Benfest for me began when Jeff B. and I found Jonesy. We looked around for James Butler, couldn't find him, then found Alex, and left for Jonesy's place, where he made a few calls to try and find out where James was. No dice. We then went back to the school to try and find James. Jonesy and Jeff found him in his Spanish room trying to finish an assignment or something. We left without him. As we were leaving the building, we saw Ben Little, who informed us that we were going to wait in the senior parking lot until twelve for everyone else to show up. We waited around until twelve, played follow the leader (by car, of course), then left for Ben's house in Walpole. When we got there, we were attacked by Elia, Mike Menikor, and Gabe, who were all armed with water guns. We got soaked, then waited for everyone else to arrive, who also got soaked, inciting a big water fight that never totally ended. I got my shared of dousage when some idiot dumped a bucket full of water on me. Adam Mittleman organized a secret Jeff Brown party, because his birthday was a couple days ago. Ben's sister's friend's six year-old son was there, soaking everyone with a water pistol. Jeff Brown chased him around the yard. I cut my finger when I knocked down Roy for dumping tha bucket of water on me. It continued to bleed untila little before I left. Jeff B. and I played catch with a frisbee with Jonesy and Tina. That was pretty fun. At 3:30 we left, 'cause Jonesy needed to go to work, I've got a saxophone lesson at 8:00, and Jeff and Alex had only one way to get home. So that was that.

Quote of the day: "We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don't know." -W.H. Auden

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