While I haven't made any new entries in the past month or so, I have been making some chages around here. I completely overhauled strangelove, added two new works to the writings section, and made a links page. One of the works is a play I wrote in roughly two sittings, about three or four months apart. It still needs some work, mostly with the backstory and (lack of a) title.

The other work is a critical article I wrote for Sakata's class on Lolita and Pale Fire, both by Vladimir Nabokov. I submitted it to Zembla, a web site run by Vladimir Nabokov enthusiasts. While my article was rejected, the editor of the site sent me a nice letter. He told me what was lacking in the essay and gave me some helpful suggestions as to how I might improve upon it. Unfortunately, I'm not a literary scholar and I don't partake in critical essay-writing just for shits and giggles. But in the event that I do decided to make the corrections, I'm glad I know where to start.

While I was working on redoing strangelove's format, I started thinking about this site's format. I probably won't change it, but I may reorganize some things. I think I'll add a page where I can put all the webring logos and that are cluttering up the index page. In fact, I may do that today. If I have time, I may type up some essays I wrote in the spiral-bound notebook I use as a kind of journal. Come to think of it, it's more of an omnibus...



I may join forces with Odon in a new motion picture: Escape from Zembla (ball in the palace, bomb in the palace square). I may pander to the simple tastes of theatrical critics and cook up a stage play, an old-fashioned melodrama with three principals: a lunatic who intends to kill an imaginary king, another lunatic who imagines himself to be that king, and a distinguished old poet who stumbles by chance into the line of fire, and perishes in the clash between the two figments." (301)

-from Pale Fire, by Vladimir Nabokov



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