My first day at Barnes and Noble was yesterday. So far this job is a lot better than any other job I've had. Anyway, I'm still going through training and everything, which is pretty easy. I get some pretty good discounts, too.

While I was shelving books yesterday, I thought I saw Sarah, but I wasn't sure if it was her. If I had been on break, I probably would've found out, but since I wasn't, oh well.

From now on, I'm buying all my cd's at Barnes and Noble. Not only do I get 20% off the cd's, but they've got a great jazz section there. It's big, and they've got a Charlie Christian cd. Any jazz section that has a Charlie Christian cd is great to me.

Well, I gotta go 'cause I need to shower before I go to work today.

Quote of the day: "'It was as true,' said Mr. Barkis, '...as taxes is, and nothing's truer than them.'" -Charles Dickens

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