I talked to Wendy a few days ago. I went online at about 11:30 and like right away Wendy IM'd me, saying "hey... sarah's here." I think a few of Wendy's friends were over, 'cause one of them (Tara) started fucking around with me ("you were sosexee...in your picture") about some picture I sent to Sarah, who sent it to Wendy. I had already forgotten that I'd sent Sarah a picture of myself, actually. I wonder why she sent it to Wendy?

I went with Aunt Susan and Walter to Needham to watch the fireworks display for the Fourth of July. It was pretty good, sans the screaming kids, obnoxious parents, and the horses that were laying steaming piles of smelly shit about ten feet from where we were sitting.

I've got today off, so I'm home alone again. I actually enjoy being by myself lately, mostly 'cause I've been doing so much running around lately. I'm really tired from it all.

Barak and I went to a beach in Scarborough, Rhode Island last Saturday. It was awesome, but I'm hurting 'cause I didn't put on enough sunscreen. In the last fifteen minute that we were there, Barak and I took turns boogie boarding/body surfing. It was great, I want to do it again. The water was pretty cold, because it's only the beginning of the season, which is why it took us like three or four hours to go all the way into the water. My favorite beach is still the one in Wildwood, New Jersey that we went to two years ago. The water was great, like 75. It gets warmer, too, from what I've heard.

At work yesterday, I got a one hour dinner break, during which I bought a medium coffee and read parts of Woody Allen's Without Feathers. It's pure genius.

Anyway, I've got to go move the sprinkler so our lawn/dirt patch doesn't die.

Quote of the day: "Thought: Why does man kill? He kills for food. And not only food: Frequently there must be a beverage." -Woody Allen

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