I did some more uploading the past couple of weeks. Check out the writings section. I also submitted this site to a few more webrings.

I have to go shower soon, so I'm gonna try to make this quick entry. I watched cartoons this morning. I like the Weekenders. My only problem is they should've used it to replace Recess instead of Pepper Ann. Oh, well.

I started working on the class play this morning. I have some ideas and a title, but no plot yet. I spoke with Ally. She more or less wants the play to go in the same direction I do, which is good. It'll work out this year. We're going to win best play. And I'll finally win best actor.

I watched Fight Club last night with my dad. It was really good. I stayed up really late after the movie because I needed to think it out. The end got really weird, but I liked the movie overall. I'm just still not really sure why.


We are a generation of men raised by women. I'm beginning to wonder if another woman is what we really need.

-Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt, in Fight Club)


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