I've been very thirsty lately. Not sure why that is. Also, I've developed a new way of dealing with my frustrations. Rather than talking to someone about it, and getting it out of my system, I've been writing dialogue. The dialogue is basically whatever it is I want to say, and then someone else asking me the questions I want to be asked. Sounds crazy? It probably is, and there's probably a million other ways of dealing with one's problems than the incestuous routine of having a problem, writing about it, and then reading it. I guess it's better than bottling up my emotions.

Maybe all these conflicts in my life will weave themselves into another screenplay. Did I mention that I finished writing my screenplay? Maybe I'll be the next Kevin Smith. Or maybe I'll just be another one of those people who blows all their money on a film and spends the rest of their life in debt.

Quote of the Day: Also saw "The Sum of All Fears" last week, in which Ben makes it very clear he's a bona fide movie star now. So weird to watch the flick (which I really dug) and think "This motherfucker used to sleep on my couch." I mean, it'd be like as if Harrison Ford used to sleep on my couch. Or Clooney. Or Pitt. Or all three of them together, fucking on my couch. And I was always like "Harrison! George! Brad! Stop getting cum all over my couch!" And they were like "We can't help it, man! We loves to fuck man-pussy!"

-Posted by Kevin (Smith) at adsl-64-167-89-22.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net on June 07, 2002 at 15:27:27

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