I'm fucking exhausted, but I'll update anyway because I have nothing better to do.

This is turning out to be a pretty okay summer. I'm enjoying my job, I've been regularly hanging out with my friends, and I bought a car ('93 Maxima). I posted a picture of myself a while ago on hotornot.com (yes, I was that bored, and to a certain degree, stupid and lame). So anyway, I opted to do that "Meet Me at Hotornot" thing, just for the hell of it (again, I was bored, stupid, and lame), and the other day I got an e-mail saying that someone actually wanted to meet me. Heh. I checked out her profile, but she was kind of ugly so I clicked "no." I'm a ruthless motherfucker.

I've been getting into making mixes for my friends. My trademark is periodically inserting cartoon/nintendo theme songs and other random soundbites when I want to change the mood. It's actually proven pretty effective in creating an organic mix cd. I still haven't managed to get a decent grasp on putting together a decent hip-hop mix, but then again I don't know much about hip-hop.

I've discovered some more bands recently. Roll call: Dressy Bessy, the Shins, Cornelius, Shonen Knife, the Quick, Helicopter Helicopter, and the Dub Pistols. I'm probably leaving somebody out but it's okay because I'm fucking exhausted.

I watched Stranger Than Paradise for the third time the other night. That movie is inspiring in a certain way. It's like I watch it and I think, "I could so totally do this." My plan is to try and create my own major at school and do Film Production (in addition to being a Jazz major). For my thesis project I'll shoot the screenplay I wrote. The idea is that if it's a school project I'll be able to save some cash by using school resources and equipment. I'll still have to pay for the film but perhaps not for the equipment.

Quote of the Day: You know, it's funny. You come to someplace new and, and, everything looks just the same.

-Eddie (Richard Edson, in Stranger Than Paradise, 1984)

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