As with last night's update, I'm fucking exhausted, but I'll update anyway because I have nothing better to do.

Two years ago today.

Three years ago today.

I watched Orange County tonight (read "last night/this morning"). It was funny, which was really all I wanted at the time. After watching so many heavy films, I needed something light. Anyway, the movie was funny but I didn't really agree with the overall message, which was like, "It's okay to stay in one place your whole life." People should get out and explore the world. When your parents help you move in on your first day of college and you get cold feet, are you going to go home because you're nervous? It's like that story in Dubliners, I forget which one, but the one where the woman with an abusive father meets this guy who'se going to take her someplace new and she's going to leave, but then she gets cold feet and stays in Dublin the rest of her life. Or something like that.

One thing I did get out of Orange County was a better understanding of how to include extradiagetic music without making a montage every five seconds. I started trying to compile a skeletal soundtrack for Schoolies. It's kind of turning into a who's who of alternative rock, wich makes me kind of nervous. Then again, I was nervous that the screenplay would turn into a screenplay like for one of those teen exploitation movies, which it didn't (I hope). So maybe if I just include more punk rock? I dunno... I mean, the Rushmore soundtrack was mostly British invasion with the exception of a few jazz tunes, an Yves Montand cut, and the original Mothersbaugh score, and it turned out really well. Maybe that's because the music was so relevent to the movie. For one thing, you've got a movie about an angry kid wearing a blazer, with a soundtrack mostly by angry kids wearing blazers.

Oh, and Colin Hanks does remind me a lot of his dad.

Quote of the Day: Maybe I'm spending too much of my time starting up clubs and putting on plays. I should probably be trying harder to score chicks.

-Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman, in Rushmore, 1998)

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