We had a meeting at work today to talk about some upcoming events (like J.K. Rowlings coming to sign books on October 12) and store policies (a.k.a. how to shelve books, what to do when you're held at gunpoint and told to hand over all the money in the cash register, ad nauseum). No one told me I didn't have to get all dressed up or anything for the meeting, so I showed up wearing the "uniform" (dress shirt, tie, slacks, dress shoes). I found I could've worn street clothes when Toby unlocked the door for me. He was wearing a Batman t-shirt and warm-up pants. He's cool. He's really into comic books, so whenever I've got a question, I ask him. In fact, I think up stuff to ask all the time. He likes it too, 'cause he said it gets him thinking about stuff he usually doesn't think about. After the meeting was over, I ate a donut and had a cup of orange juice. On my way to the car, Young and Toby were smoking in the parking lot. Young invited me to get something to eat with them, but I declined 'cause I was already really full (I'd already eaten a bowl of toasted oat bran, two donuts, two glasses of orange juice, and a glass of orange passion juice). Besides, 9:30 in the morning is too early for McDonald's. There were only a few people whom I didn't see at the meeting, including Brent.

Today's visiting day at my brother's camp and my parents decided to take him home for the day, since his asthma's been bothering him. They should be home around noon, which is in about seven minutes, according to my Timex.

Quote of the day: "It keeps you regular." -Young, on oat bran cereal

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