Arg! Fucking awful night! I get a migraine so I go to bed at 7:30 or so, only to wake up around 10:30 and be hungry, and with less of a headache. I can't eat, though, because I have a blood test tomorrow morning and I have to fast for 12 hours prior. I'm so hungry. I'm also very tired and cranky but I'm too hungry to sleep. FUCK!

At school I started going into internet chatrooms to pass the time (there's not much else to do between 2am and 8am on campus, during a weeknight) and I've since made friends with unlikely people. There's Katy from Oregon, who's 14 but tends to act much older. Then there's Vivi, from Peru, who's 22 and studying to be a veteranarian. Okay, I'm totally rambling here and I don't like the way this entry is turning out. I'd delete it, but I told Katy I'd mention her.

Okay, so more about my shitty night. Around 10:30 I go downstairs to use the computer, but now it's not connecting to the internet. WTF?! I randomly turn on my computer and it's not working properly. So I'm writing this on my parents' computer, which I don't like and haven't really liked since we got it a few years ago. Arg. I'm going to bed.

Quote of the Day: being fat can be cool


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