Well, I got my car last night. I've already hung my fuzzy dice from the rear view mirror; all I need now is the hula girl for the dashboard.

I've been working behind the register at work lately. It's not bad, just a little more routine than working info. A lot of it depends on who's behind the register with me, too, 'cause when it gets quiet, you can either stare off into space or do something fun. A couple nights ago, Seth and I shot rubber bands at each other. It's become a regular thing now. Today, Young and I pretty much just shot the shit for a while. He's a funny guy.

I'm kind of running out topics, here. It's the summer, so things are pretty mellow in Framingham. I'll give you a topic: a chickpea is neither a chick nor a pea. Discuss.

Quote of the day: "Have a Barnes and Noble day." -Toby

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