Middle school is a big waste of time. It's like a road to take you from point A (fifth grade) to point B (ninth grade). The only difference is there's no scenery: you don't get anything out of middle school. So it's more like a tunnel. 'Cause you really can't see beyond where you are. You don't know there's an alternative to what you have.

Middle school doesn't determine what colleges you get into. It doesn't determine whether or not you take honors classes in high school. It doesn't teach you to be responsible. You don't even learn how to behave socially in middle school. In middle school, everyone's an asshole. Or a dork. Or a scapegoat, although most scapegoats stay scapegoats.

I don't mean to say once you get to high school everyone's suddenly 110% cooler. But you don't really learn anything, not even about yourself, until high school. At least. In high school you start to find out which subjects you really like and which ones you hate, and if there's a subject you want to spend the rest of your life studying, which one it would be.

There are five important grades in school: kindergarten, where they teach you how to read and write; and high school, where you learn everything else.

Quote of the Day: "High school's better than junior high. They call you names but not as much to your face."

-Mark Weiner (Matthew Faber in Welcome to the Dollhouse, 1995 )

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