I bought a skateboard today at Eastern Boarder. It's an Enjoi deck with Independent trucks, Accel wheels, and I forget what kind of bearings. Something with an M, I think. I'm too impatient to type in the links for these companies, so just look them up on Google, or something if you wanna see their sites. I highly recommend the Enjoi web site. My deck is the sodomy-themed one with the tennis racket.

I've been watching skate videos like mad again. Rodney Mullen is still Jesus Christ on a skateboard. Also, Jason Lee is awesome. Ethan Fowler reminds me a lot of Lee, so I guess I really like him, too.

Sal is going to Berklee after all, which makes me happy. It's always unfortunate to see someone denied an education for fiscal reasons. Check out his web page in the links section.

Skateboarding is coming along very slowly for me. I'm still very awkward on the board and am afraid of falling. Also, I'm having trouble with the ollie, but I may as well be comfortable riding around before I conquer that feat. In general, I'm afraid of pain. But having a brand, new skateboard and watching guys like Mullen, Lee, and Fowler makes me want to go out there and skate.

Quote of the Day: I like to study a lot of math, physics, and the Bible, too. For me, they all show that there's a lot more to things than we see.

-Rodney Mullen

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