Jeff B. came over today. We hung around, ate some pizza, and watched Celebrity. It was good. I loved the dialogue, but that's to be expected of Woody Allen.

While Jeff was here, we (through no fault of mine) watched last year's Ramah video yearbook. I pointed out all the really good-looking girls to him. For one reason or another I'd never really told him too much about the girls there.

I'm talking to Avi right now. I haven't talked to him at length for a long time.

Patrick's birthday party was last night. I had a good time. Ally was pretty funny; she told me some story, though, about this mural she had that her mother threw away. That made me depressed as hell, but for the most part I had fun.

There's really not much to talk about. I'd give you all some sort detailed account of my conversation with Avi, but I'd rather not go into it. You don't want to read about the shit we discuss.

Quote of the day: "When a reporter (Kenneth Branagh) is assigned to the celebrity beat he anticipates a little excitement. But he never expected this...Quickly, he finds himself on a collision course with four of the most outrageous people he's ever met: a sensuous starlet (Melanie Griffith), an-out-of-control movie star (Leonardo DiCaprio), an aspiring actress (Winona Ryder)and a sexy supermodel (Charlize Theron). Together they're going to take him for an unforgettable walk on the wild side of fame and fortune. " -the synopsis

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