I haven't updated in a long time, and I decided since I'm going to school in a week I probably won't have the chance to update for even longer if I don't today. I'm looking forward to going back to school; I feel so secluded and antisocial here. I really haven't seen anyone all summer, although I was at camp for eight weeks. I hung with James and with Patrick L. last week, I watched Rushmore with Julie last night, and I'm going to see a Kung Fu film at the MFA with Jin-Ho and Barak on Wednesday night. That's really the extent of it. I've been too lazy to call most people, I think.

Getting back to looking forward to going back to school, this should be a good semester. Barak and I are in Baker, on the first floor; a handful of our friends are in the same building, too. Should be fun. Also, I turn 21 on October 27. Send cash.

I read an interview with Jason Lee and Chris Pastras. The guy at Eastern Boarder says they should be getting some Stereo decks in relatively soon. I can't wait.

My Bubbie and Zaydie bought me a digital cam. Expect the photo section to rapidly expand once I get to school. This may or may not turn into a porno site. You have been warned.

Quote of the Day: Exactly the same. But with a little bit more futurerama [sic], where before it was all retro. Now it's gonna be what we call "Retro-futurerama." That just happens to be our aesthetic. Underneath it all it's showing that you can be creative within skateboarding. The whole point is to put your shit into skateboarding. A lot of people don't think that's possible, or you can't go too far outside the boundaries without feeling insecure about leaving what's normal. Stereo represents skateboarding as something that's fun, too.

-Jason Lee, on the return of Stereo Skateboards

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