I wish everyone who visited this web site would send me an e-mail. I crave feedback, dammit!

I almost ollied today, which makes me happy. Every time I go out there and skate, I come this much closer to doing an ollie. I'm still getting comfortable on the board. When I was watching Destroying America, I couldn't help but notice how comfortable Tony Hawk is on his board, like when he's just skating around in the parking lot drinking a forty and smoking a cigar. I forget if he was drinking during that part or not, but he was definitely drinking in the part where he, Jeremy Klein, and Heath Kirchart are skating at the video arcade and setting things on fire.

My Brody shirt and my Shoryuken shirt came in the mail yesterday. I wore my Brody shirt today. I also went to the mall to buy a belt. The irony is not lost on me.

I wanted to buy one of those black leather belts with the metal studs in it, but all the ones they had at the mall were $25 or more. So I ended up getting one at Marshalls for five bucks.

Quote of the Day: By the time we made it to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in San Diego, we were chalked head-to-toe with soot. Somebody at the restaurant said it smelled like a campfire when we walked in. Heath and Jeremy's plan was to eat, pay the bill, light themselves on fire, and then walk calmly out of this fine eating establishment.

-Tony Hawk

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