I'm going to try and keep these updates to a minimum of once per month. We'll see how long I can keep that up.

Been at school for a couple of weeks now. Maybe one week? I don't even know anymore. Things is good, I guess. The fraternity is still a sore issue. Don't press me. The dorm situation is, however, favorable, as was expected. There are at least two potential rushees here. I'm taking twetny-five credits, which is both four credits over my maximum (21) and more than double the minimum credits required to be a full-time student (12). I'm crazy. And if I'm not crazy, this certainly does make me crazy. And if this doesn't make me crazy, it certainly will by the end of the semester.

I had two auditions this semester. One was for chorale and one was for the jazz ensembles. The vocal audition went very well. Dr. Abercrombie said I have a nice singing voice. I also scored points for being a low bass. And then I scored bonus points with the pianist when I asked him if he was Brazilian (which he is). The jazz audition went ok. I guess I did better than in the past. At least Holmes didn't yell at me this time.

Been listening to some more bands lately. I'll update the links section. The shins have a new album coming out. I ordered a single from Sub Pop because I can't wait.

Quote of the Day: The new record will be out on October 21st. It's called Chutes Too Narrow. We recorded it in James' basement and partly at Avast Studios in Seattle with Phil Ek. He tried to touch us. He has a bad touch.

-from The Shins' website

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