Wow. Last time I updated this, I was sick. I'm sick again. Weird, man.

I just got the latest issue of X-Men today. I've been waiting a while for it. Feels like forever. I also got an eighteenth birthday present from Gilette- they sent me a Mach III. You know what that means? It means someone knows where I live.

Coincidentally, I need to shave. I probably won't until I have to. My dad's been bugging me to, but I could care less about what I look like. When you're sick, everyone can go to Hell.

I've been doing surprisingly well in English lately. If I still had Sakata, I think I'd be getting a D+ or something. I probably have something in the B range right now. I'm happy with a B in most any AP class. I know I've got a B in AP US History, but that's 'cause it said so on my progress report. Enough with the school.

I watched Akira last night. That's such a great movie. It'd been years since I last watched it. I realized, too, that those characters are probably only a couple years older than me. They're in the same grade, but they've flunked out of school and are put in some sort remedial school.

Quote of the Day:

Kaneda: It must be a trap.
Kei: Then go back.
I must find out what kind of trap.

-from Akira (1988)

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