I struck up a conversation with this girl at a party last night because she was wearing a Hebrew Budweiser t-shirt. We were having a good conversation, and she seemed really nice. Like, she was actually interested in what I had to say, and she was really down-to-earth, as opposed to most of the girls I meet at keg parties, who really have nothing interesting to say, if at all. Anyway, it turns out we have some common interests as well as a mutual friend. Then one of the guys she came with came over and put his arm around her and interrupted me-- mid-sentence, mind you. He was pissed because he had just lost a game of Beirut on a house rule. I tried to participate in the conversation by contributing some witty comments (real gems, if I must say so myself). I even tried to sympathize with him because the guys who beat him in Beirut were kind of being assholes by calling a sketchy house rule in a house where they didn't actually live and I didn't see the rules posted anywhere. He would have none of it however, the fucking cockblocker. I should mention that I wasn't hitting on the girl, by the way, nor was she hitting on me. Anyway, I really wanted to get this girl's phone number, or at least her screen name, but I don't think that guy left her alone for the rest of her night. Her friends were cool, too. I talked to them a bit later that night, but not enough to ask for a phone number from her roommate.

I have this friend who really bothers me. In some way he's become a friend out of convenience, like if I don't want to go to lunch by myself I'll ask him. Anyway, he's kind of a passive-agressive bigot. Here's a prime example: "I hear Framingham's not so bad if you don't mind Brazilians." That one really pissed me off, but I kept my cool. Instead of throwing it back in his face, I asked about it but he really didn't have a decent answer (not like there's a decent to mind any particular culture in the first place). Anyway, this friend of mine has nasty habit of kidding me about my effort to keep kosher, which has kind of bothered me since I met him. I've always taken what he's said with a grain of salt, because I know his way of kidding around is just to say things that are really inappropriate, and that he really means well even if it's hard to see at times. I think he said something like, "Fuck kosher." I made a disparaging noise, and he was like, "What?" I told him that I know he's just kidding around and doesn't mean anything by it and I would appreciate it if he were to lay off the Jewish jokes from time to time. He just played it off like it was nothing. I kept my cool and more or less repeated that I thought he should just cool off a bit. But inside I was thinking, "What the fuck is wrong with you? Don't you have the decency to apologize for offending me?"

Anyway, I no longer consider this guy my friend. Other people have similar problems with him too, but I'm not gonna go into it in case someone actually reads this for a change. Oh, just one more thing to emphasize this guy's personality. He's one of those guys who thinks because black people can drop an n-bomb, he can too. Also, he interrupts you a lot when you talk. That's because he's not listening to you. He's just waiting for his turn to talk. I think one day he's gonna drop an n-bomb in front of a whole bunch of black people and get his ass kicked. I wanna be there to take pictures.

I just watched the most recent episode of X-Men: Evolution. It contained one of the single most hilarious scenes in the history of TV animation. X-Men Evolution's depiction of skateboarding has always been sketchy at best, but I almost pissed myself during the skateboard contest scene.

Quote of the Day: Into the switch mode, Daniels with superior board control! Oh! There's a frontside tailside 180 flip over the corner! Swingity!

-the street contest commentator in X-Men: Evolution episode six, season 3

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